Natural Cotsword Stone Tiles

Stanway Church

Stanway Watermill. Opened by H.R.H Prince Of Wales, October 09

About us

Stanway Estate is a property of the Earls of Wemyss which straddles the Cotswold escarpment and has, for over 250 years, produced natural stone tiles, the traditional roofing material for houses, churches and barns. Today Stanway Estate produces stone tiles from its new slatepit at Nayles' Barn, Cutsdean.

Extracted by hand from thin beds of Chipping Norton Limestone - laid down 125 million years ago in the mid-Jurassic period - the stone tiles are hand-dressed by our team of dedicated craftsmen and are available pre-drilled in sizes from 6 inches to 18 inches. They are supplied by the roofing 'square' (10' x 10') to meet customers' requirements, working to a predetermined battening schedule. Larger tiles are also available. Please ring our sales office at Nayles' Barn for information about price and availability or contact us.

Natural Cotswold stone tiles can last up to 150 years. We believe that their longevity and natural beauty make them far superior to any alternative roofing material, and that their use contributes to the preservation of the traditional character of the Cotswolds.